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Hello and welcome to The Screenplay Revolution!

WHAT IT'S ABOUT The Screenplay Revolution is all about creating a tribe and community around the idea of self-publishing a screenplay the way you would a novel. There’s more to it than that of course. A lot more. But that’s the general idea.

INTRIGUED? I think this article I wrote is a good place to start if your interest is piqued. It fleshes out the idea more and digs deeper.

QUOTES FROM QUENTIN TARANTINO I love these quotes from Quentin Tarantino where he talks about writing the screenplay as if it were a novel. If a screenplay is in your heart but you are on the fence whether to go novel or screenplay check these out for sure. Very inspirational! 


BLOG I’ve got a lot of ideas around this notion of a screenplay in a more reader friendly “book format” and plan to blog about a variety of topics around it.  Looking forward to any and all feedback, comments and discussions.  I’ll also be documenting my own journey as I write the current screenplays I am working on as well as blogging about the writing and creative process in general. Check back often or subscribe at the top of the page to get the latest updates and posts. 


FORUM My primary goal is to create a community around this idea. Let’s talk about it. Please join the discussion forum! Let's talk! 

JUST GETTING STARTED: This site is just getting started. Check back often for updates or sign-up for the newsletter (see the top of the page right next to the title). Coming soon will be a “how to guide” for converting your screenplay from traditional screenplay format to one that is reader friendly and ready to be published.

ABOUT ME Hi! My name is Jason Srebnick. I'm a writer, cartoonist and illustrator and overall creative soul. I've grappled with whether to write the stories in my head as novel or screenplay for some time. I've published a novel, have written a handful of screenplays but still I struggle with what format to write the next stories in. Novel or Screenplay? Screenplay or Novel? Ad Nauseam. That's when I figured to heck with it I'll go with my gut and self-publish a screenplay. I figure (hope?) there may be other like minded people out there so I created this site. Contact me at and let me know what you think of this whole idea. I would love to hear from YOU. 


READY? Check out my how to guide and screenplay elements worksheet. Coming soon! Very soon!

NEED HELP? Not a DIY’er? I’d like to offer my services and coaching to get your screenplay into a format that is more conducive to being published and read as a physical book and ebook. I can help. 

RESOURCES Here you will find recommended Books, YouTube videos and other resources that I have found helpful while on my creative journey. I have absolutely zero affiliation with any of these.

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