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jason srebnick author filmmaker illustror screenwriter

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Hi! I’m Jason Srebnick. Welcome to my website. Glad you stopped by. A bit about me. I live about 35 miles outside Boston, Massachusetts. I’ve grown up here my whole life. I’m married and my wife and I have two amazing teenage boys and two highly energetic yellow labs. Olive and Preslee. They’re siblings, litter mates, sisters. I guess you’re not supposed to keep litter mates together, but no one told us that before we got them. And now we’re stuck with them. And they’re stuck with us. And everyone’s really happy about it so not sure what all the fuss is about. They’re great dogs. As of this writing they are almost three years old and they are siblings in every sense of the word. They play, they fight, they make up, one will want all the attention but will miss the other when they are separated for even a few minutes. Anyways, enough about the dogs. But if you want to know they are (of course) Instagram.


What have I done, what am I doing, what are my plans. 

I’ve published a novel. It’s titled BOOKWORM. 

I’ve written, illustrated and published a children’s book. It’s titled: KYLE IN THE CORNER. 

I’ve written and published a short story: RUNNING. 


More recently, I finally finished the manuscript to a story that’s been zinging around in my head for decades:



It will be out in Fall of 2023.


One interesting thing about the format of this story is that I decided to write it as what I call a cinematic novel.It’s basically a hybrid between novel and screenplay. It reads like a novel but has the heart of a screenplay. So that’s why I call it a “cinematic” novel. It was a blast to write, and I cannot wait for you to read it. 


I have two more already written screenplays that I’ll be converting to cinematic novels as well. I can’t wait. 


I've also written several short screenplays (many also written in prose as short stories) that I am looking forward to making into live-action or animated films. 


And of course, there’s a queue of stories in my head waiting to be written or filmed or be born in one fashion or another.


Well I think that’s about it for now. Once again thank you for stopping by and reading. If you have any questions at all or want to know more, please feel free to email me at my “forever” gmail account: 


Most importantly, have a great day!

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