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11-yeard old David Paul Powers lives a fairly normal existence on Earth.
He does have his problems.
He lost his mom in a car accident when he was just an infant and his father still lay in a coma since the crash.
There’s the bullies at school.
There’s the mysterious recurring dream he has every night that precedes the dreaded sleep paralysis.
But it’s not all bad. 
He lives with his adoring aunt and spends every day with his four best friends. Juliette. Rudy. Cooper. Reid.
They mostly hang out in a secret fort they built deep in the woods where across the way in a small shack lives a mysterious man who seems to be watching them.

Little do they realize that on the faraway planet of Lucasia all is not well. The evil Ninth Legion has taken the Child Crystals.
These four mythical icons were treasured for their ability to commune with the Crystal Mother who resides at the planet core, their connection forming the Magnificent Field; a blanket of invisible energy that wrapped LUCASIA in light and balanced the natural order of all things.
But that is no longer.
Now, everlasting peace has been replaced by perpetual war.
Prosperity replaced by poverty.
Abundance by scarcity.
Optimism by cynicism.
And a culture of character has been replaced by a cult of personality.
Worse yet, the Ninth Legion has purged the planet of its protectors: The legendary Crystal Warriors. For once the Child Crystals were taken and the Magnificent Field no more, their mystical superpowers were all but eliminated.

As the Ninth Legion becomes more brazen and carries out acts of unheard of evil, times are getting desperate. The Child Crystals must be found.

But there is only one person left in the all the universe who can do that.
And the man in the shack knows who it is.

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